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Improve Your Advertising and Sales

Auto Ads has been in business for over 25 years helping various auto dealers, home improvement companies, and retail stores across America with their monthly broadcast advertising.

We know what works and what doesn't so there's no wasting of ad dollars.

We have done thousands of ads and can customize ad campaigns for your store or product that gets the results you desire.

Contact Ron Lundmark and set up an appointment today. 216-780-5626 or email at

Ron Lundmark, president of Auto Ads Inc., graduated from Walter Engel School of Cinematography and is the author of the novel, 'Dream Machines.'

Talking Cars© is a humorous and unforgettable addition to any TV ad for car dealers, auto insurance, and any auto related retail services. Advertising is supposed to make people remember you when they go to buy your product. The Talking Car assists in helping people remember your ad, which is different than all the rest of the ads.
Talking Toilet© is a humorous way to get your attention and help remember whose TV ad you're watching. Naturally, the Talking Toilet makes a great spokesperson, or just a one-liner, for any Plumber, Bathroom, Janitorial or cleaner products company.
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